I close my eyes and my head leans in,

our lips touch, the world starts to spin.

The seconds feel like eternity.

Open my eyes, you look back at me,

that smile on your face that I adore,

and something I’ve never felt before.

Body numbing feeling, total bliss,

a perfect moment, a perfect kiss.

When Nothing Isn’t Enough

Memories have faded, the feelings remain.

Even still, things are just no longer the same.

Now I’ve held onto nothing for far too long. 

This time, and for once, I know I won’t be wrong.

I’m letting go now, please don’t try to stop me.

I think that it’s time to let my heart roam free.

I’ll remember this place and might return when,

I find reason to say “I love you” again.

We’ll See

They say it’s all part of growing up,

but would it be easier to just give up?

I just don’t know what to do anymore.

I can feel it, my hearts just way to sore.

When I see where I am right now,

how I got here, I don’t know how.

For now I’m content just being me,

I’ll give it some time and then we’ll see.

Brown Eyed Girl

Deep brown eyes, smooth tan skin.

I ask myself were have you been.

Soft cute face, and even softer hands,

you’re a spell I just cant withstand.

Butterflies don’t begin to describe,

how great you make me feel inside.

Somethings missing, I think you’re the cure.

Yet I still can’t find the right words,

and the more you run through my thoughts,

the more I see you’re all I ever sought.

One thing I was sure of at first glance,

is I’d do anything for just one chance,

to show you how amazing life can be.

It may never happen, this I can see,

but until the time comes when I must let go,

I’ll always be hear to let you know.

That I love you and I will forever,

even after all ties are severed.

There will always be a special place in my heart,

for the brown eyed girl that had me from the start.

Black Rose

Her smile could melt the coldest heart,

and her thorns can rip you all apart.

Her kiss will drop you to your knees,

but her thorns will cut you as she please.

Sharp as a razor, dark as a crow,

she is my black rose.

Her dark side doesn’t scare me,

and the burdens she has carried,

they only draw me nearer.

I’d give anything  just to hear her,

just to hear her voice.

And if I had the choice,

I’d walk a billion miles,

Just to see her smile.

A trillion more to hold her close,

yes she is my black rose.

None more beautiful, none more rare,

none will make you stop and stare.

She truly is one of a kind,

you can look, but you’ll never find,

one like my black rose.

Beautiful black rose.

Love and Guns

Your love is like a loaded gun,

take your shot cuz I wont run.

I want you when your bad, love you when you’re worse,

my love for you is an unbreakable curse.

The gun is cocked, make it fire,

know your love is all I desire.

One eighty seven straight to the chest,

direct hit now let love do the rest.

The wound is deep but i still want more,

blood rushes out leaves stains on the floor.

At least the world will know that we were here,

put down the gun girl theres nothing left to fear.

Only You

There was a time, when I thought of her,

as my world, but now its all a blur.

And just when I kicked the addiction,

I found myself a new affliction.

Grabbin on is so easy,

letting go is so hard.

My words may be cheesy,

but this is who I are.

She looks at me like only you would,

makes me smile like only you could.

I look into her eyes and see your face,

we had something I could never replace.

You moved on by now and I should too,

but when I close my eyes I still see you.

I open my eyes and there you are,

Lookin back at me from across the bar.

I think to myself “no it can’t be”

the whole time its just been you and me.

Forever, Never, and Now

Nightfall comes as the sunlight fades,

Nights like this could last 100 days.

When daylight comes I’ll be right here,

Looking into your eyes, it all becomes clear.

Forever is never, and never is now.

It all makes sense but I’m not sure how.

The sun comes up, I’ve gone nowhere.
You’re walking away, all I can do is stare.

I’ll Never Forget

I lay down and look into the night

the stars are dim, but the moon is bright

And as I stare into the sky

I remember the day you caught my eye

The way you smiled, the way you talked

even something about the way you walked

I loved the way you teased me

and how you weren’t as easy

That winter was the warmest I can remember

I held you close on those nights in December

And even though it had to end

I’ll always charish those times we’d spend

Hangin out together up at our spot

times we got drunk and almost got caught

Oh how I miss those endless nights

Even the times when we used to fight

Though there are some things I do regret

These are the things I’ll never forget

Amid the silence I knew I’d find peace, not looking for answers just a release. The Silence

[may build upon this line in the future]